I visited Japan for the first time in 2001, since then I am willing to travel there over and over again —and I’ve been back there more times, on 2003, 2006 and also five years after this work, in 2013—. I do not try to explain here why I like so much that country, because surely I should extend excessively. What I will do now is to introduce a set of illustrations inspired by different aspects of what we might call the “most traditional Japan”.

After several laborious animation projects I wanted to make something more “lightweight”. On the other hand I also wanted to play and learn better a new 3D toolset —Modo— without the need for embarking on laborious and large projects. For these two reasons —and because I love Japan, as I explained before— I decided to make this set of small illustrations, with whom I have learned and enjoyed like a child :-)

Below you will find links to these eight illustration projects. I hope you enjoy them!

Cristóbal Vila, June 2008, Zaragoza, Spain