Since 2005 I have developed a parallel activity in the form of talks, workshops and short courses. As expected, the vast majority of these events have taken place in Spain, but there have also been cases outside my country, making use of my rudimentary English.

TALK “Fine Art of the Computer. Isfahan: an approach to the work methodology”

2005, October 20-23 · At the 20th International ASAI Conference on The Art of Architectural Illustration · Place: Catholic University, Washington DC (USA)

2006, June · Organised by EUVE for CARVI (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

2008, February · Organised by the “Ateneo del CPS” (University of Zaragoza)

2010, February · For the “Jornadas CAT” organised by Milla Digital (Zaragoza)

WORKSHOP “Texturizado avanzado, iluminación y postproducción”

2006, March 25-26 · Organised by CIS (Ferrol, A Coruña)

2006, November · Organised by myself at Hotel Palafox (Zaragoza)

2007, March · Organised by myself at Hotel Catalonia Centro (Madrid)

2009, October · As a free course organised by the CTA (Zaragoza).

WORKSHOP “Animación de un proyecto arquitectónico singular – Fallingwater”

2007, November · Organised by myself at Hotel Palafox (Zaragoza)

2008, April · Organised by myself at Hotel Tryp Centro Norte (Madrid)

2008, June · Organised by ApliCAD at Hotel Posadas de España (Paterna, Valencia)

2008 November · Organised by the Official College of Architects of Aragon (Zaragoza)