In this section you will find a set of resources that I use regularly in my work. For the time being all are kits for Modo. Stuff that I initially created to put together lots of scripts made and kindly shared by other users. Step by step I learned also a bit of Python to create my own scripts. These kits are and will remain free to download.

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Free Modo Kits

2020_etrtoolicon_nudgesNudge Tools • A group of palettes to nudge your geometry, moving, scaling & rotating and also to get info about size, scale ratio & angles • More infoDownload

2019_etrtoolicon_uvtoolsUV Tools • A palette bundled with lot of options to help with UV design from simple commands and macros to scripts • More info • Download


Weight Tools • A palette with various options to help with Weights, both for Edge/Subd Weights and Regular Weight Maps • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_quicklocatorsQuick Locators • A new kit for helping with Locators creation and transformation operations, looking for the “smart way” • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_snappingbarSnapping Bar • Utility to access to all default snap tools and options in a more direct and quickly way • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_modelcolorsModel Colors • A palette to assign predefined colors to polys and quickly select these areas (model & UV helper) • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_primitivesPrimitives • Pop-over with lots of toolPresets and options for frequently used model primitives • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_swissknifeSwiss Knife • A bunch of thirty party scripts and some native Modo tools, to get a more easy experience using them • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_alignersSuper Aligners • A set of pie-menus and pop-overs that allows a very flexible access to a bunch of alignment tools • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_itemcustomdisplayItem Custom Display Presets • A popover with various presets to nimbly change the Draw Options on your selected items • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_falloffsFalloffs Presets • Pie Menu with direct access to eight presets for Linear and Cylindrical Falloffs • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_slicesSlices Presets • Pie Menu with direct access to eight convenient presets for Loop Slice Tool • More info • Download

2019_etrtoolicon_itemshadbutItem & Shader Tree Buttons • To quickly access most common operations on the Item List and Shader Tree • More info • Download

python_iconLinks with tips for Python & Modo • Compiled along years from Foundry Modo Forums (Updated July 2020) • PDF

Important note about versions and compatibility

Most of these kits contain so called “fire and forget” scripts (mostly Python and a few Perl). This means that Modo will use these scripts only when you actively “call” them inside the app. They are not “running” in the background. Therefore these scripts do not have to damage or harm Modo by the simple fact of being installed. In addition, most of them don’t have to stop working with the following versions of Modo (with some uncontrollable exception here and there)

In short: install and try without fear whatever your Modo version is. The worse what can happen with some of them is that they stop working, nothing more.

I share these tools as they are. Use under your responsibility. I’m not responsible for any damage or problems you may have.