cristobal_photoThis site is my gallery online, where you can find a compilation of my personal works in the area of computer generated images.

I share also a bunch of resources, specifically for Modo, one of my main work tools. 

Cristóbal Vila – Zaragoza, Spain

For these services please contact me:

Licensing my work

You can get a commercial license to use my work, in order to include in your projects. Important: music is not always included on that license, depending on projects.

Talks & custom Training

If you would like to hire my services to give a lecture, a workshop, a course or any other training activity don’t hesitate to contact me. My mother tongue is Spanish, but I can also communicate reasonably fine in English.

Commissioned work

The more information you give me, the more accurate will be my comprehension and estimation about that project.

More about me

I graduated in Graphic and Industrial Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi (Barcelona, Spain, 1990).

Since then, my career has been involved on several graphic design studios and advertising agencies, both in Barcelona and Zaragoza, working as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director.

Currently I have my own studio where I develop my main activity as 3D animator & illustrator, and participating in formative activities from time to time.

I hope you enjoy the images and animations contained on this site. You have also a dedicated FAQ section where you might find complementary information.